Change Date Modified On A File Osx

In order to test some file based caching I designed in PHP the other day I had to expire one of my cache files by making it older than 1 day.

To do that I used touch -mt:

touch -mt 201305100419 sekkzpekk.json

Briefly from the man page:

-m      Change the modification time of the file.

-t      Change the access and modification times to the specified time instead of the current time of day.  The argument is of the form ``[[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.SS]'' where each pair of letters represents
the following:

    CC      The first two digits of the year (the century).
    YY      The second two digits of the year.  If ``YY'' is specified, but ``CC'' is not, a value for ``YY'' between 69 and 99 results in a ``CC'' value of 19.  Otherwise, a ``CC'' value of
           20 is used.
    MM      The month of the year, from 01 to 12.
    DD      the day of the month, from 01 to 31.
    hh      The hour of the day, from 00 to 23.
    mm      The minute of the hour, from 00 to 59.
    SS      The second of the minute, from 00 to 61.

 If the ``CC'' and ``YY'' letter pairs are not specified, the values default to the current year.  If the ``SS'' letter pair is not specified, the value defaults to 0.

Originally spotted on Danilo Stern-Sapad’s blog

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