Custom Mission Control Keyboard Shortcuts in OS X

One aspect of Mission Control in OS X Lion I found irritating was similar to the problem I had with Spaces on Leopard and Snow Leopard: customizing the shortcut keys to whatever I wanted.

For a while, I had been using the middle mouse click as a method for showing Mission Control, because it was more convenient than using CTRL + ↑. This provided the disadvantage that I could not use the middle mouse button for anything else—which I commonly use for opening new tabs in Firefox.

Today I realized the solution here is similar to the solution of a previous issue I had with customizing keyboard shortcuts. There is an entire section in the Preferences Pane dedicated to Keyboard Shortcuts.

  1. Open your Preferences Pane
  2. Click **Keyboard **
    Preferences Page
  3. Click Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Select Mission Control on the left pane
  5. Click on the box next to the mission control on the right side to specify a new shortcut Keyboard Shortcuts
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