Quickly Showing a Hidden OS X Dock

A friend of mine for years has been searching for a way to instantly show his auto-hidden dock, with zero delay. Until he recently discovered the trick to removing the delay and shared it with me I could not understand why he cared so much.

##How to do it To remove the delay from your hidden OS X dock, enter the following on the command line:

defaults write com.apple.Dock autohide-delay -float 0 && killall Dock

##Reverting To undo the change and go back to the default auto-hide option with the slight delay, you can just use defaults delete like so:

defaults delete com.apple.Dock autohide-delay && killall Dock

##Conclusion I thought it was pretty useless until I tried it myself. It makes a huge difference. The only down side to it is having the dock show up when I occasionally bump into the screen edge by accident, which isn’t very often at all.

The OSX Daily post referenced above cites an original post from MacWorld.

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