MySQL Dump/Restore With Progress Indicator

Today I just found out about a great utility called bar. bar shows a progress indicator on the command line.

Bar can be installed via homebrew on os x:

brew install bar

I don’t know the exact syntax for the command, I only have my working examples to show… The help message isn’t too helpful and I don’t seem to have any man pages available.

Here’s a sample of what it looks like:


#where local_db and remote_db are strings with mysql args and tmpfile is created via mktemp
echo 'Dumping database...'
mysqldump $local_db | bar > $tmpfile
echo 'Restoring database to production...'
bar $tmpfile | mysql $remote_db

And the output looks like this:

Dumping database...
      100% [==============================================================]
Restoring database to production...
      100% [==============================================================]

There also another tool called pv which stands for pipe viewer I’m currently trying to work out how to use that tool so I can use it instead. It seems to be more common, documented and feature-rich.

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