Gurai VS. Goro: The Final Showdown

Most of my Japanese I've picked up simply from talking to native speakers in Japanese. Asking them to repeat themselves a few hundred times, texting on "LINE": and using my favorite iPhone Japanese Dictionary "imiwa?": One thing I picked up rather quickly was the use of くらい or ぐらい, which means "about" as in an approximation. For example if I was talking to a friend about going to the mall or a movie and they asked me how far it is I could tell them, bq. 車で15分ぐらい。
"By car, about 15 minutes."" For a while I was also misusing くらい or ぐらい when telling that something will happen at _around_ a certain time. For example if someone asked: bq. パーティーは何時ですか?
"What time is the party?" I might answer: bq. 午後8時ぐらい。
"Around 8PM" Finally corrected me and told me that ぐらい or くらい with a specific time is a no-no. Instead I should use ころ or ごろ in the same way, but I was understood. So when a friend asks bq. イベントは何時?
"What time is the event?" You should answer with ころ・ごろ: bq. 8時ごろ h2. Conclusion Even though I was understood using the wrong word, it's probably a better idea to get it straight in my head. So you can use this small cheat sheet to help: |_.日本語|_.When to use|_.Example| |ころ・ごろ|use with specific time|パーティー何時ですか?
*8時ごろです*| |くらい・ぐらい|use with a _duration_ of time.|日本語はどのくらい勉強しますか?
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