What's Your Major?

This is kind of embarrassing because it's something that I really should know but somehow I skipped over learning. For today's blog post I'm going to quickly review some vocabulary and phrases related to "your major." Granted I'm not a college student, but lots of my friends still are so it could come in handy. h1. Vocabulary h2. Subjects These are subjects you can use in school to describe your classes or your 専攻(major). table(subjects). |_.日本語|_.English| |科学
かがく|science| |経済
けいざい|economics| |政治
government| |文学
ぶんがく|literature| |歴史
れきし|history| And the word for professor is 教授 h2. Putting it all together So with this we can put together some simple sentences for practice: table(sentences). |_.日本語|_.English| |専攻は何?
せんこうは なに?|What is your major?| |専攻は歴史です。
せんこうは れきし です|My major is history.| |政治は詰まらないよ!
せいじは つまらないよ!|Government is boring!| More to come later! I'll try to keep them short and sweet :)
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