Journaling In Japanese, Day 1

Somewhat inspired by my Japanese teacher’s request for me to write down (preferably on paper, with my own two hands) a journal entry—one sentence for each day of the week—I’ve decided to do it on the internet instead (where I don’t actually have to write anything).

I know, I know. It kind of defeats the purpose of practicing hiragana, etc. but I think it may prove to be a little more valuable especially since I’m planning to write more than just one sentence—as proposed by the original idea.

I will call it… Journaling in Japanese! Or JiJ! Or… because that sounds horrible I’ll call it Jiji—it’s cute and rolls off the tongue. Also according to my [dictionary] Jiji (時事) also means “events of the day” or “current affairs,” which is also irocinally suiting.

My current level of Japanese is somewhat baby-level, so I will be mostly speaking informally with no clue how to properly construct my sentences. Constructive criticism is allowed here.

とにかく、行くぜ! 今日会社に行った。昼休みで帰って、ご飯食べた。 ふぅーん、これはちょっと変と思うね。時事が多分詰まらない。めんどくさい。

会社で新しいPackage Managerを見つけた!やってみたいよ!名前はYeomanだよ! 今やってみる〜


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