Adding Videos

Hey all, I haven’t been updating too much recently so I wanted to drop you a line and let you know what’s going on.

I am starting to design some new sections of the site, since for a long time I really haven’t given the site any thought for design at all. I will be slowly adding some videos to a new videos section that I am working on; you will see them appear on the home page. I am adding them in the dates they were originally published which unfortunately means having some back dated posts.

I am going to try and tag them all with the videos tag, so you should be able to find them through there until the actual design of the videos page is completed.

I am also working on a profile page for the authors of this site (which currently is just myself). It will have detailed information about me with resources to my stream and list all of my videos and posts. It will probably take me a while to design it and implement it so please be patient!

I hope it turns out ok :3

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