Ah! Sorry I have not been keeping up with my studious ways. My Japanese P.I.C. (that’s partner-in-crime, or in normal people speak my “study buddy”) has been largely unavailable so I haven’t been doing anything much in the line of studying. But I will try to get back on the wagon again (is it on the wagon, or off the wagon? I can never remember).

Kaichou wa Maid-sama (wiki) is the next anime I started watching after Magi. It’s a school-life shoujo type romantic comedy (I guess) about a girl who attends a mostly rufian-boy high school. She is the class president but she has a little secret… She works in a Maid cafe as a waitress! One of her fellow students, a lady killer named Osui, decides to keep this little secret for himself in order to try and make her his personal maid for a day.

I’ll try to organize them by episode… I only started doing that as of Episode 4 however, so 1-3 will be clumped together. As of this writing I’m on episode 20 something and I stopped taking notes at episode 10. Woops.

Episodes 1-3

Vocabulary List

What I thought I heard What I actually heard Meaning
seita kaichou せいとう かいちょう Class President
futsu ふつう general; ordinary; usual; normal
mendokuse めんどうくさい
troublesome, bothersome, tiresome.
めんどう means “trouble” or “difficulty”
shinsengumi しんせんぐみ
Shinsengumi was a shogunate police and military force located in Kyoto dedicated to suppressing anti-shogunate activities during the Edo period.

I’ve seen it commonly referenced in anime so I decided to research.
zaken ざけん
(vulgar) fuck you!
don’t fuck with me!
don’t fuck around!
don’t be a screw off!
ni ku ni 2-2 く means section; district; ward.
Ni Ku Ni refers to the class 2 section 2… Or something like that.
touzen とうぜん natural; as a matter of course
sentai せんたい
moe もえ
(Manga Slang) crush; fascination; infatuation
Don’t laugh I really didn’t know this one!
seigan せいがん
Not sure which definition was the right one here
aiming at the eye (with a sword)

It could have been either one, I don’t remember the episode clearly and since shinsengumi was mentioned the swordplay is a possibility
doshitan どうしたん What’s the matter?; what’s wrong?
tsundere つんでれ being sharp and sarcastic (tsuntsun) on the surface, but being lovestruck and fawning (deredere) underneath. This is a personality type commonly acted out.
bikkuri びっくり (suru verb) to be astonished; surprised; amazed; frightened


Jitsu wa kakureru otaku nandaka

word meaning
じつ (expr) To be honest;
to tell you the truth
to hide; to be hidden; to conceal oneself; to disappear
(a) little; somewhat; somehow

My translation:

To tell you the truth, I’m a bit of a closet otaku.

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30 May 2013