I finished up watching the Magi anime a few days ago and took some more notes. Here they are:

Vocabulary List:

What I thought I heard What I actually heard Meaning
yatsura やつら
those guys
shikashi しかし However; but
nakimishiku なきみそくん

なきみそ なきむし means “crybaby” * Updated 2013.05.20
mochiron もちろん of course
yuuki ゆうき
bravery; courage; valor
suma wa すまは corner; nook; recess — this one I don’t exactly remember


I also heard one phrase I decided to translate:

sore wa kitto aru

word meaning
きっと surely; undoubtedly; most likely
ある to be (for inanimate objects); “to happen”

The translation I came up with for this was:

It will surely happen.

So I’m hoping it’s accurate :)

Side note: I will also be utilizing textile for these posts going forward, since tables are quicker to create than in HTML. I’m also dropping out the romaji except for the “what I thought I heard.” This is because I write them down quickly as I hear them and I’m not as fast at writing the kana just yet. I will post a good kana reference later for those who are unsure. Essentially I’m forcing you to learn it one way or another—It’s good practice, I promise;

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12 May 2013